General Assembly of EU-SOLARIS ERIC

November 28, 2023





16112023 Secondment Agreement EU-SOLARIS Martinez_EN

11-a MD assessment report 14112023

10-a 11112023 Budget 2023-2024

9-a Draft Workplan 2024

2-b Proposals for e-mail voting

4-a 2023 Internal Proposal FLARES

10-b 09112023 AUNA – Audit offer

7-a Project Manager 2023

2-a Final Draft minutes GA Meeting

4-b RISEnergy full proposal

4-c ENERGYTRAN Grant Agreement

4-d CACTUS Grant Agreement

8-a 06112023 Draft Strategic Plan

8-b 01112023 Draft_Policies

8-c 06102023 Draft Access Through EU-SOLARIS Policy

11-a Objectives for MD 2023

09102023 Profile project manager 2023

CV Jose Martin


Letter of Support_EU-SOLARIS_Spain JB

Proposal for e-mail vote #3-2023

Proposal for e-mail vote #4 2023