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Organization & governance

The ERIC shall be governed and administered by the General Assembly, which shall be composed of representatives of the Members and Observers of the EU-SOLARIS ERIC.

EU-SOLARIS organization scheme

The Managing Director shall be the chief executive officer and legal representative of EU-SOLARIS ERIC and will be appointed by the General Assembly. EU-SOLARIS ERIC’ governing bodies shall be assisted by, at least, the following advisory bodies:

Other advisory bodies might be created, either permanently or for a specific project or subject, in a resolution adopted by the General Assembly with the corresponding majority.

EU-Solaris - general assembly

Delegates of the General Assembly

On 12 January 2023, the first General Assembly of EU-SOLARIS ERIC was held with delegates from each member and observer country. Diego Martínez-Plaza, former coordinator of the EU-SOLARIS initiative was appointed as Managing Director of EU-SOLARIS ERIC, while Ana María Aricha Yanguas was appointed as Chairperson of the General Assembly.


Ana María Aricha Yanguas (Chair)

Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation

Julián Blanco Gálvez

CIEMAT-Plataforma Solar de Almería



Tarik Schwarzer

Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action

Manuel Blanco Muriel (Vice Chair)

Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e. V. (DLR)



Xavier Montagne

Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation

Gilles Flamant




Christos Aspris

Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy

Marios Georgiou

The Cyprus Institute-PROTEAS



Joao Cardoso

Laboratorio Nacional de Energia e Geologia (LNEG)

Diogo Canavarro

Universidade de Évora

Board of National Nodes



Eduardo Zarza Moya

CIEMAT-Plataforma Solar de Almería



Robert Pitz-Paal

Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e. V. (DLR)



Emmanuel Guillot / Ludovic Charpentier




Nestor Fylaktos

The Cyprus Institute


Scientific & Technical Commitee


Manuel Collares-Pereira

Universidade de Évora

Mark Mehos

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

Juan Ignacio Burgaleta

Independent Consultant Engineer