The European Research Infrastructure for Concentrated Solar Power /Solar Thermal Energy

Concentrating solar technologies for electricity and industrial process heat generation may contribute substantially to the energy technology revolution necessary to mitigate climate change while ensuring affordable energy supply.


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To become the European reference research infrastructure in the technological development of CSP/STE and related applications.


Offer the best conditions for the development of CSP/STE research activities for the scientific and industrial communities.

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EU-Solaris - logo TOPCSP 200x100 SF 1

Kick-Off Meeting Of The TOPCSP Project

EU-Solaris - solar paces

SolarPACES Call for Papers for 2022 Conference; Albuquerque, New Mexico

EU-Solaris - international conference on research infrastructures 2022

The International Conference on Research INfrastructures will take place on 19-21 OCtuber 2022, In Brno, Czech Republic

EU-Solaris - ESFRI ROADMAP 2021

The EU-SOLARIS initiative has been upgrade to the category of ‘Landmark’ in the new 2021 version os ESFRI Roadmap

EU-Solaris - noticia eusolaris

The 2021 ESFRI Roadmap on Large Scale Research Infrastructures has been published on December 7th, 2021

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