The European Research Infrastructure for Concentrated Solar Power /Solar Thermal Energy

Concentrating solar technologies for electricity and industrial process heat generation may contribute substantially to the energy technology revolution necessary to mitigate climate change while ensuring affordable energy supply.


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To become the European reference research infrastructure in the technological development of CSP/STE and related applications.


Offer the best conditions for the development of CSP/STE research activities for the scientific and industrial communities.

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The official video

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Energytran’s Virtual Thematic Event

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Announcement: Registration Open for Inaugural EU Solaris Doctoral Colloquium,

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The kick-off meeting of RISEnergy project will take place on 12-13 March. EU-SOLARIS ERIC is the partner delivering trans-national access to outstanding concentrating solar power R&D facilities.

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EU-SOLARIS ERIC is a participant of the recently launched project ERIC Forum 2

EU-Solaris - IEA SHC Solar Update Newsletter Issue77 July 2023 8

The latest volume of the Newsletter of the International Energy Agency Solar Heating and Cooling Programme (Vol. 77, July 2023) includes an article regarding EU-SOLARIS ERIC.

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Call for Proposals: EU-SOLARIS ERIC willing to fund an R&D project in the field of CST Research Infrastructures. Deadline: 22 September, 2023

EU-Solaris - RTVE Europa 2023

EU-SOLARIS ERIC and PSA on documentary “Europa 2023” broadcasted by RTVE (minutes 23:47 to 29:23)

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The European Solar Research Infrastructure for Concentrated Solar Power/ Solar Thermal Energy starts its operation

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Qué es la energía solar de concentración que investigará EU-Solaris en Almería