European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC)

A European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) is created, under the name of “European Solar Research Infrastructure for Concentrated Solar Power” (hereinafter, “EU-SOLARIS ERIC”), pursuant to the provisions of Council Regulation (EC) Nº 723/2009, of 25 June 2009, on the Community legal framework for a European Research Infrastructure (hereinafter “the ERIC Regulation”).

EU-SOLARIS ERIC shall establish and operate a world-class distributed research infrastructure on concentrated solar power/solar thermal energy (CSP/STE) to be set up as a central hub responsible for the coordinated operation of national research centres in CSP/STE technologies, which shall dedicate part of their research and development capacities to EU-SOLARIS ERIC, sharing contents, tools and know-how related to CSP/STE technologies.

The strategic objectives


To coordinate, as a unique infrastructure of distributed character, main existing R&D installations in Europe, providing the most complete and high quality scientific infrastructure portfolio at international level to the CSP/STE sector.


To establish a single Entry Point where highly specialized facilities, resources and research services are effectively and optimally offered to users demanding CSP/STE related services.


To reinforce the collaboration between the scientific institutions, academia and industry, also fostering the collaborative research among main European research centres of the sector.


To identify new requirements for the improvement of the research facilities, and for the construction of new ones (when needed), also optimizing and promoting the specialization of existing ones avoiding unnecessary technological duplication and repetition.


To identify and establish the best research and experimental practices, leading and coordinating the open dissemination of results and experimental data whenever possible, thus contributing to the reinforcement of the European leadership position at an international level.


To maintain Europe at the forefront and leadership of CSP/STE technologies development.