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Benefits for the members

EU-SOLARIS ERIC will offer the world a unique distributed research infrastructure in CSP/STE technologies. Becoming a Member will encompass the following benefits:

Advantages of being an ERIC

EU-Solaris - ue

A legal capacity recognised in all EU countries

EU-Solaris - vat

Exemptions from VAT and excise duty for R&D activities

EU-Solaris - contract

An ERIC may adopt its own procurement procedures which have to respect the principles of transparency, non-discrimination and competition

Contribution in the Achievement of the Strategic Objectives

EU-Solaris - joint

Joint definition and standardization of common testing protocols, procedures and methodologies with regard to the qualification of components and subsystems, improvement of measurement devices and other services.

EU-Solaris - staff

To promote and coordinate mobility and staff exchange actions to deeper advance in the partners’ integration process.

EU-Solaris - bulb

Promotion and coordination of access to the members’ R&D infrastructures to address specific high quality research.

EU-Solaris - lab

Optimization of similar existing research facilities by promoting the differentiation among them and fostering the specialization of involved laboratories.

EU-Solaris - icono beneficios

Coordinating the provision of sectorial inputs to reference European stakeholders, i.e. EC, SET-Plan, EERA, MS, Industry Associations, etc.) with regard to research agenda, prospective assessments, etc.

Participation in Joint Activities
(tentative list)

EU-Solaris - conecting

Development and implementation of an e-infrastructure interconnecting the already existing research facilities.

EU-Solaris - identification

Identification, promotion and joint development of new facilities, when needed.

EU-Solaris - seguimiento industrias

Continuous monitoring of the industry & research needs for R&D infrastructure and research agenda in general.

EU-Solaris - annual meeting

Annual Meeting of the R&D staff

EU-Solaris - users meeting

Annual Users Meeting.

EU-Solaris - annual prize award

Annual Prize Award.

EU-Solaris - summer school

Annual Summer School / Training Network for Pre-Doc students.