The European Solar Research Infrastructure for Concentrated Solar Power/ Solar Thermal Energy starts its operation

5 de May de 2023

    EU-SOLARIS ERIC, the European Solar Research Infrastructure for Concentrated Solar Power marked the beginning of its operation in January 2023. 

    Joining four member countries – Cyprus, France, Germany and Spain – and one Observer – Portugal, EU-SOLARIS arises from a long and successful collaboration between European research centres operating concentrating solar thermal (CST) research facilities, acknowledging that the development of solar energy, using concentrating systems, has a supra-national dimension that demands a strong alliance between research teams with a particular focus on the Research Infrastructures (RI) in order to enhance the research efficiency and the technology development. 

    Part of the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) Roadmap since 2012, EU-SOLARIS aims to become the European reference research infrastructure in the technological development of CST and solar thermal electricity (STE) systems and related applications by offering the best conditions for the development of CSP/STE research activities for the scientific and industrial communities.

    In 2023 EU-SOLARIS will open a call for projects to develop standards, tools, and procedures of interest to improve the interoperability and the quality of the services offered to research infrastructures users.

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